Whether you are an experienced Apple Macintosh user with a particularly vexing problem, or you are new to the Mac and just need help getting up to speed, I can help! I have been using Macs in a business environment since 1988, and in those 20+ years I have developed a thorough knowledge of almost every aspect of the Mac experience. For 23 years I owned and operated this business, for which I built a world renowned e-commerce system - with over 6700 distinct items - from the ground up. I know how to harness the power of these wonderful machines for just about anything from accounting to contact management, print layouts, book and catalogue layout, web design, and e-commerce. I can also quickly and affordably solve just about any hardware issues you might have, from upgrades and troubleshooting to repairs for your laptop or desktop machine.

Here is just a small sampling of what I can offer any Mac user in southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties:

Hardware Issues:

All Models of Macs - including MacPro towers, Mac Mini, iMac, eMac, MacBook & MacBook Pro models, iBook, PowerBook, and even older models such as G3/G4/G5 PowerMac desktops & towers

Hardware Repairs, Upgrades, and Installation - including Hard Drives, RAM, PCI cards, RAID Systems, etc.

Installation of Larger Hard Drives, Including Adding Second Hard Drives in Laptops, Upgrading RAM, etc. - in any laptop model

RAM Upgrades in "Tapered Edge" iMacs

LCD or LED Screen Replacement - on any laptop model

Home or Small Business Networking - from simple home Airport networks to complex dual ethernet systems for business - and everything in between!

Software Issues:

Upgrades, Installation, and Troubleshooting - including System Software and transitioning from OS 9 to OS X
Setting up iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, and Other Phones - for synching contacts, calendars, etc.

Solving Software Issues & Tutoring,

Microsoft Office:

MYOB AccountEdge
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat


Virtual PC

Parallels Desktop
VP-ASP e-Commerce
MIVA e-Commerce

Implementing Backup Systems - Protect your valuable data using free software!
Remote Access
- Log in to your Mac while out on the road!
CD & DVD Ripping & Burning - For backups, burning home movies, music, etc.
Bulk Email Projects
- Mass emails for business, public or private organizations, etc.

To see my complete working history, have a look at my resume.

My hourly rate for most types of jobs is $60, with a one hour minimum and subsequent time billed in 1/4 hour increments at $15 per 1/4 hour. Some jobs such as laptop screen replacement will be priced based on the going rates of other vendors. I travel throughout southern California regularly, and I am often available on short notice depending on my schedule and where you are located (and how good the surf is that day ;-). I may occasionally request travel expenses for emergency jobs outside my scheduled area of travel on a particular day.

I will always be honest with you about my capabilities. If there is any service you need that I cannot provide on my own, I have a number of contacts that I trust in areas like hard core web coding, PHP, SQL, etc., as well as a highly qualified and very friendly CPA who specializes in accounting on the Mac for business.


No matter what your Mac problem, please don't hesitate to ask! You can call me Monday through Friday between 8am and 8pm, weekends 11am to 6pm, or just email me using the link below. Thanks!

Vince | tel: (858) 276-1396 | vince@macmasterservices.com