Whether you are an experienced Apple Macintosh user with a particularly vexing problem, or you are new to the Mac and just need help getting up to speed, I can help! I have been using Macs in a business environment since 1988, and in those 20 years I have developed a thorough knowledge of almost every aspect of the Mac experience. For 23 years I owned and operated this business, for which I built a world renowned e-commerce system with over 6700 items from the ground up. I know how to harness the power of these wonderful machines for just about anything from accounting to contact management, print layouts, book and catalogue layout, web design, and e-commerce. I can also quickly and affordably solve just about any hardware issues you might have, from upgrades and troubleshooting to repairs for your laptop or desktop machine.

Here is just a small sampling of what I can offer any Mac user:

Hardware Issues:

All Models of Macs - including MacPro towers, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook & MacBook Pro, iBook, and PowerBook models

Hardware Repairs, Upgrades, and Installation - including Hard Drives, RAM, PCI cards, RAID Systems, etc.

Installation of Airport Cards, Larger Hard Drives, RAM, etc. - in any laptop model

LCD Screen Replacement - on any laptop model

Home or Small Business Networking - from simple home Airport networks to complex dual ethernet systems for business - and everything in between!

Software Issues:

Upgrades, Installation, and Troubleshooting - Including System Software Updates and transitioning from Windows to Mac
Setting up iPhone, Blackberry, Treo, and Other "Smart" Phones - For synching contacts, calendars, etc.

Solving Software Issues & Tutoring,

Microsoft Office:
FileMaker Pro databases
MYOB AccountEdge
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat
Virtual PC
Parallels Desktop

Implementing Backup Systems - Protect your valuable data using free software!
Remote Access
- Log in to your Mac while out on the road, including VPN setups!
CD & DVD Ripping & Burning - For backups, burning home movies, music, etc.
Email Newsletters
- Targeted email programs for business, public or private organizations, etc.

Other Services:
High Resolution Digital Film Scans - I can digitize your precious family photos from 35mm film - including slides and negatives - with my Nikon Coolscan dedicated film scanner. Beautifully detailed 4000dpi scans as large as 5900 x 3900 pixels are available from this wonderful little machine. Prices start at only $1.50 per frame. Call or email me for more info.

To see my complete working history, have a look at my resume.

My hourly rate is $60, with a one hour minimum and partial hours billed at $20 per 1/4 hour. Some jobs such as laptop screen replacement will be priced based on the going rates of other vendors. I travel throughout southern California regularly, and I am often available on short notice depending on my schedule and where you are located (and how good the surf is that day ;-). I may occasionally request travel expenses for emergency jobs outside my scheduled area of travel on a particular day.

I will always be honest with you about my capabilities. If there is any service you need that I cannot provide on my own, I have a number of contacts that I trust in areas like hard core web coding, PHP, SQL, etc., as well as a highly qualified and very friendly CPA who specializes in accounting on the Mac for business.


No matter what your Mac problem, please don't hesitate to ask! Give me a call or shoot me an email today. Thanks!

Vincent-Brian | tel: 858.598.5550 or 619.213.6669